Fetlar Lodge & The Peerie House

Tranquility in Remote and Beautiful Shetland

Fetlar the ‘Garden of Shetland’,  is an island of rich green pastures.
South of Unst and east of Yell, it is the fourth largest island in Shetland.

Fetlar Lodge

Fetlar Lodge won Lux Life’s 2019 award for the most tranquil self catering accommodation.
 It was originally the gardener’s cottage for the imposing Leagarth house. Sitting next to the gateposts at the entrance to the estate only yards from the shore overlooking Tresta bay and the magnificent promontory of Lambhoga.

The historic Leagarth Estate was founded by Watson Cheyne, a pioneering surgeon and microbiologist at the turn of the 19th century, who grew up on Fetlar. The Cheyne family still own the estate.

The Lodge sleeps six people in three double bedrooms.

The Peerie House

The Peerie house is next door, set back slightly, with its own private walled garden, but still with the same magnificent views.

This former pump house, heating the greenhouses that served Watson Cheyne’s magnificent gardens, was converted into a house in the 1970s by a Fetlar resident who had emigrated to New Zealand as a young man but, on returning to Fetlar on his retirement, no longer had a home on the island. The little building with the magnificent views was just what he wanted! Today visitors benefit from the pretty peerie – meaning small in Shetland dialect – house that he created.

The Peerie house is perfect for a single person or a couple in a generous twin bedded bedroom.

The Location

The Garden of Shetland

The smallest of the Northern Isles, Fetlar is known as the garden of Shetland due to its lush and fertile landscape. In Spring and early Summer you are met by an abundance of wildflowers that transforms the landscape.

Within the Leagarth estate vestiges of the once impressive gardens remain with the appearance of a sea of daffodils and bluebells in the Spring followed by waves of crocosmia in Summer and Autumn.

Fetlar lays claim to be the first Norse landing site in Shetland, at Gruting, though Unst may dispute this! However the Wick of Gruting is still a beautiful part of the island especially the enchanting Sands of Paradise Beach.

Fetlar is very proud of its beaches. The long wide beach at Tresta regularly receives a coveted Keep Scotland Beautiful beach award and the sand of Sands Beach below Brough Lodge is another gem where you are likely to have the beach to yourselves.

Below the Lodge is Houbie Beach and pier where children spend many a happy hour fishing for crabs.